ReStore Volunteer Profile of Randy Richmond

As part of our #MeetOurVolunteers feature, we are delighted to introduce Randy Richmond, who has been volunteering with us since 2014.

Robert Rand “Randy” Richmond was born in New York City. Apart from a 5-year stint at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and almost 2-years in the Army, after being drafted, Randy has proudly lived in Andover since 1952.

In High School, he ran a printing press in Lawrence, for three summers, and then worked for the same printers after the army, until 1979 when he bought it with two partners. Randy had a long and successful career in printing, but pretty much retired at the end of 2010, although he did keep a small portion of the company, in order to “stay busy”. Following “retirement” Randy became a Trustee of the Merrimac Savings bank and then acted as chairman for five years, before a merger in 2016.

 Randy recalls volunteering at a Habitat build in Florence, MA, many summers ago, but decided he didn’t like that commute, so didn’t return after the build was complete. In 2014 he saw an article in a local paper, about the ReStore moving to Andover Street in Lawrence. Upon going down to inspect the new store, Randy remembers Joe (who was until recently the ReStore assistant manager) putting him straight to work “building the ramp rail so that we could get the occupancy permit.” That was two weeks before we opened up shop in our current location.

Randy says that he believes in helping people who are willing to help themselves and that “Habitat does a good job of that”, referring to our process of partnering with families, in order to give them a “hand-up” and not a hand-out. He also enjoys being useful, whether it is helping customers or repairing furniture. 

 Randy contributes to our mission because “housing is at a critical stage in our own state and many others. We are going to have to start building smaller, more affordable homes and changing some zoning laws, so that can be done.” When he is not lending a helping hand at our ReStore Randy enjoys hiking the White Mountains and have done the “48 and a few in VT and ME”. He has a goal of visiting as many of the National Parks and Monuments as he can. Randy tells us that there are about 450 and he’s done an impressive 330 so far.

We are so thankful to have dedicated volunteers like Randy to help us put families in homes. Our work takes a village and is only possible thanks to the commitment of our volunteers.

Our work, providing affordable homes to local families in need, is only possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of volunteers like Randy!

Interested in Volunteering?

Whether you’re an individual, small business, a corporation, a community group, a faith congregation, or just a handful of friends – every volunteer increases our impact. Help us with pricing, organizing merchandise, accepting donations, and displays. We’re bursting at the studs with contributions, and we need YOU to help make sense of it all!

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