Why ReStore?

Why Shop at the Merrimack Valley ReStore?

Whether you’re working on some bigger home improvement projects, cleaning out your basement, or just adding a few finishing touches around the house, the ReStore is here to help you get the job done. Even in these times of social distancing, the ReStore is available to you through eBay shopping with curbside pick up for you to take your items home. What better opportunity will you have to work on those home projects you’ve been putting off due to lack of time?

The ReStore is just the place for treasure hunters, bargain shoppers, and DIYers. There’s something new and unique around every corner. Some items are ready for display the moment you unload them from your car, whereas others just need that little bit of extra love before they look revitalized and new. Luckily for you, whether it just needs a fresh coat of paint, some new hardware, or a few nails here and there, The Restore also offers whatever you may need to give your items, and your home, a face-lift.

We all have that one wall or one corner in our homes that has just never looked quite right. It needs something. But what? You’ve tried a tall plant, a piece of art, and even just left it empty. But nothing has ever been satisfying. There’s only one place that can help with a home décor crisis like this at bargain prices – the ReStore.

Once you’ve handled your décor crisis like a pro, you’ll be able to tackle those bigger home improvement projects that always felt out of reach, or were difficult to afford. Redoing your kitchen or bathroom with the help of the ReStore gives you options you didn’t know were possible, all at a price that is within budget. We also offer appliances, tile back splash, granite counters, anything and everything you need to complete the look of your dreams! 

Once you get started, you won’t want to stop, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms… The ReStore can help you turn your home into something out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. During your remodel, you’ll inevitably find some of your existing furnishings don’t work for you anymore. They’re too old, don’t match the new style, or just don’t fit anywhere. What will you do with this extra furniture? Don’t despair, the ReStore to the rescue again! Every single piece of furniture, tile, and wood at the ReStore is donated by people just like you. There’s another DIYer out there who has the perfect idea or what to do with that old dresser of yours! 

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Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we ARE NOT currently accepting new furniture or items, but hope to return to a normal pickup schedule soon. If you wish to go onto our collection waiting list, please email us at info@MvReStore.org now. Please put aside your items for us, as we work towards collection again soon. We need your help to keep the ReStore running. We look forward to filling your orders online, and seeing you in person when the ReStore reopens to the public.

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