Donate Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are a large part of our ReStore sales and are very important to us! When you are in the process of renovating your kitchen or just in the process of finding a contractor here are some things to think about…IMG_2473

Careful removal of the cabinets and counter tops affect the resale price of the cabinets greatly.  Please let your contractor know in advance that you want careful removal of all cabinets, trim and counter-tops.  At times one or two of the cabinets may break or fall apart during removal (water damage or breakage).  If so please save the face frame as it can be reused.

Donations of cabinets reduces your contractors waste costs easily offsetting the additional labor of removing carefully.

Pictures of the cabinets prior to removal are an enormous help for the resale process as they assist our customers in assessing aesthetic and spacial needs.  Pictures can be emailed to or click here for our donation contact form.


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